Garnets gems

Diamonds will be the typical choice if you ask the important question, but also for a distinctive most unique engagement rings , designers want towards alternatives and so are having a couple surprising gems, for instance garnets, with unique and complex results.
These beautiful gem are often considered being an in-depth glistening red. Their name arises from the Latin word for grain and invokes the idea of pomegranate seeds. They are, however, contained in a massive choice of colours, causing them to be a very versatile jewel. Furthermore to blue, garnets come in eco-friendly, yellow, orange, red, blue, crimson, pink and brown. The garnet may also be extremely high in Mohs scale, scoring 7 to 7.5. This means they are hard-wearing additionally to beautiful. If you are searching with an unusual gemstone diamond engagement ring, designers prefer to utilize garnets, because furthermore for the versatility in colour and sturdiness – they might be worn each day – they are also relatively insensitive, meaning they are really simple to cut and work. They need to, however, be shielded from sharp knocks since they can shatter. Although getting mentioned that, they are very resistance against scratches and chipping.


Wealthy in meaning
Garnets will be the birthstone for that month of the month of january, to ensure that perfect for people born because month. They’re doing have plenty of meaning installed on them. In folklore, they are thought to bring all the best and reduce the chances of evil, additionally to bad nightmares. They are also thought to have healing characteristics also to help with depression and fatigue. Symbolically, they represent courage, truth and fidelity, causing them to be ideal for a gemstone ring. There is a extended good status for garnets just like a prized jewel which dates within the ancient Egyptians to some legend of Noah’s obtaining a lamp encrusted with garnets round the ark.
Eco-friendly garnets engagement ring 
For an infinitely more unusual gemstone diamond engagement ring, designers sometimes encounter the rare demantoid eco-friendly garnet. These gemstones are uncommon and therefore command a larger cost when compared with better to locate red garnets. Eco-friendly garnets come in Russia. They were a well known with Faberg�� who used them within the designs. Exactly why is these garnets so desirable will be the small horsetail inclusions that offer a powerful texture for the whole stone. All garnets are brilliant, nevertheless the eco-friendly garnet surpasses the gem for brilliance. The eco-friendly garnet may also be contained in Tanzania and Namibia, nonetheless they not have the horsetail inclusion.
The actual factor
Synthetic gemstones are employed in jewellery because of the expensive and rarity of natural occurring gemstones for instance rubies and sapphires. These can also be heat treated to boost their colour, which is sometimes difficult to determine if what you are buying is synthetic or natural. A garnet, however, is usually always 100% natural since they are intolerant to heat treatments and, since they’re so no problem finding, there is no reason behind which makes them synthetically.
So, with a colored engagement rings , designers are turning more and more more for the garnet just like a real choice, because of the choice of colours, ale cutting them in addition to their durability.

The skincare tag

DSC00201Buna dragele mele !

Frumoasa Julia de la  m-a nominalizat sa fac acest tag despre ingrijirea tenului . Avand in vedere ca tenul trebuie curatat si hidratat constant cred ca acest tag este foarte bine venit ,de accea ii multumesc Julei pentru nominalizare . Si haideti sa incepem :

1.Descrie rutina ta de îngrijire a tenului în 5 cuvinte.

Nu stiu daca sunt 5 ,dar cele mai importante sigur sunt : curatarea , tonifierea si hidratarea .

2.Care este tipul tău de ten? 

Din fericire am un tip de ten mixt spre normal ,spun asta pentru ca, citisem pe un site ca tipurile de ten mixt sunt grase doar in zona T adica frunte ,nas ,barbie ,la mine e doar pe nas ,si acolo foarte putin. Deci normal spre mixt.

3.Cel mai bun inamic împotriva coșurilor? 

Ce sunt alea ? Glumesc , dar chiar nu am avut vreun fel de problema din punctul asta de vedere .Doar cu cateva zile inainte de menstruatie apare unul mic in varful nasului pe care il las asa,sa treaca singur .

4.  Care este produsul tău preferat pentru îngrijirea tenului?

Crema de hidratare de zi Roc ,care imi lasa cea mai fina piele. O folosesc in fiecare zi .

5. Șervețele demachiante: da sau nu? 

Nu , niciodata .

6. Toner:  da sau nu? 

Folosesc o lotiune de fata dupa demachiere ,dar nu stiu daca e exact toner. Este din gama demachiantului de ochi si de fata pe care le folosesc de la Yellow Rose. Indeparteaza orice fel de praf sau substanta .Il folosesc inainte de machiaj si dupa. Din cate stiu toner-ul contine alcool si mie personal nu imi place deloc.


7. Produse high end pentru ten sau produse high end de machiaj?

Amandoua . Tenul este partea cea mai importanta asa ca ,cred ca si produsele pentru ten dar si cele pentru machiaj trebuie sa fie de calitate.

8. Care e cel mai ciudat produs pe care l-ai folosit pentru îngrijirea tenului tău? 

Cred ca a fost o crema cu …avea niste chestii inauntru ca nisipul ,un fel de masca ,dar n-am rezistat nici doua minute cu ea pe fata ,daca imi amintesc bine facea si spume ,si m-au usturat ochi de la ea .

9. Cele mai bune sfaturi pentru un ten mai frumos:

-Un ten curat respira mai bine si este mai luminos  ,recomand 2 litri de apa pe zi (cel putin ) pentru ca tenul sa arate proaspat si hidratat.

-Eu recomand si fructele ,sunt sanatoase.

-Nu dormi machiata ! Este foarte important pasul de demachiere.

  • Foloseste o baza machiaj , crema de zi ,orice ,inainte de a iesi din casa , mai ales daca locuiesti in orase mari unde poluarea este in exces.