Hello floral, hello yellow


Cum s-ar zice, astazi am pus tot dulapul pe mine :)) am facut styling dom`nle. Ideea initala a plecat de la acest crop top, care dupa parerea mea il putem purta si altfel decat cu blugi si platforme cum am facut data trecuta. Prea clasic, prea simplu, prea plictisitor…

Asa ca, astazi l-am pus peste un top din dantela care vine dintr-o zona romatica, am adaugat blazerul si palaria din zona army, ciorapi colorati dintr-o cu totul si cu totul alta zona, si am obtinut  rezultatul asta ! 😀

Mie mi sa parut interesant si tot odata actual outfitul ,sper ca va placa si voua ❤

Va pup.

en.As they say, today I put all the wardrobe on me :)) “I made styling master”. The initial idea left from this crop top, which in my opinion we can wear it in differently mode than with jeans and platforms as we did last time. Too classic, too simple, too boring …right?

So, today I put it over a lace top that comes from a romantic area, I added the blazer and hat in the army area, colored stockings of a whole and totally different area, and I got that result! : D

I saw it interesting and currently, I hope you like it too. ❤





Crop top – Here

Shoes- Bozikis.gr

Blazer- C&A

Hat- Ebay

Lace top- Shein

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