Military uniform


Buna tuturor si bine ati revenit pe blogul meu!

In tinuta de astazi piesa vedeta este jacheta militara. Ne-a fost prezentata inca din toamna ca tendinta si adevarul este ca e foarte cool. Am avut unele obstacole in priviinta outfiturilor in care o voi purta dar stand si analizund un pic garederoba mi-am dat seama ca cele mai potrivite piese cu care as putea purta-o sunt cele basic. Da ,basic.

Avand in vedere ca stilul military este de la sine “incarcat” vedeti voi cum ar fi ,printul camuflaj ,sau inscriptiile , umerii , sau nasturii aurii. Asa m-am gandit ca nu as putea purta jacheta asta cu ceva tot atat de “tipator”. Am ales un tricou simplu alb , o pereche de jeansi evazati ,botine negre cu varf ascutit si fesul negru. Am incercat sa nu ies prea mult in evidenta optand pentru paleta de culori -albastru -alb -negru- fara sa adaug alta culoare.

Orice piesa de tip militar trebuie purtat fara a incerca si alt trend. Sfatul meu este ca atunci cand purtati o piesa de stil militar sa nu incarcati foarte tare tinuta , stilul militar in sine atrage privirile ca un magnet .

Sper sa va placa ❤

Va pup

en. Hi everyone and welcome back on my blog!

In today’s outfit the star piece is the military jacket. It was presented since autumn as tendency and the truth is ,that it’s very cool. We had some obstacles regarding the skinnies this weekend where I will wear it but I analized my gardrobe and I realized that the best parts with which I could wear it are basic ones. Yes,the basic ones.

I considered that the military style is loaded like the camouflage print or inscriptions, shoulders, or golden buttons. So I thought that I would not be able to wear this jacket with something as flashy. I chose a simple white t-shirt, a pair of jeans, black ankle booties and black men hat. I tried not to go out too much in choosing the color paletteblue-whiteblack-without having to add another color.

Every piece of military should be worn without another try. My advice is that when you wear a military style piece not to upload very hard, military style outfit in itself attract like a magnet.

Hope u like it . Happy weekend babes ! Kisses , Oanna.



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